Grief & Loss

We have to be in the correct relationship with sorrow. If we drown in it nothing happens. If we get too detached, nothing happens. We need the right amount of attention and separation to turn our grief into something vital and life-serving.
— Francis Weller, Grief Worker and MFT

I have helped clients through all kinds of grief.  I provide a warm, compassionate space where we can be present with wherever you are at in your process. 

Grief is not an abstraction.  You can’t “think your way through it.” Sometimes it feels beyond words. 

Your grief needs tending to and compassionate witnessing to heal. I have facilitated grief groups and individual grief counseling for the past seven years in San Francisco.  Here are a few things I’ve learned:

1.       Everyone’s grief is different.  There are many forms of grief but all grief can feel unpredictable and overwhelming. 

2.     When we are made to feel ashamed of our grief we lose connection to important parts of ourselves.

3.     Grief doesn’t disappear but it can be transformed.  Your identity has shifted from the losses you have endured.  Proper grief support can help you develop a new relationship with yourself and with your loss.

In session we will explore your relationship to your sorrow.  Is it something you try to avoid or outrun? Is it something you tend to keep private?  I will bring attention, warmth and curiosity to your experience.

Together we can work through your grief to find a meaningful, effective, path through your sorrow.  

I offer Grief Support Sessions online, in office, or in your home.  Give me a call or send me an email to discuss how I can help you.