"Hoarding," Clutter, or Just Too Much Stuff


If you struggle with stuff—with acquiring, holding on to, or managing personal belongings, I can help.  Struggles with stuff can feel shameful and make people isolate themselves from others.  Let’s work together to stop the shame and find solutions. 

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Challenges with stuff, clutter, and even hoarding disorder, is actually quite common.  We all acquire, save, and feel disorganized or overwhelmed by things at times, we just don’t all feel these things to the same degree.

If you feel distress about the stuff in your life, it matters. Without support, research shows that these issues tend to get worse over time. For many clients, things used to feel more manageable.

I have worked with clients living with these issues for almost ten years.  I have also worked in partnership with the staff of the San Francisco Mental Health Association to design group programs to help clients feel less stigmatized, develop new habits, clear space, and find greater peace of mind. 


I will listen to you without judgment.  Your things may be full of meaning and I respect this.  Together we will explore how your stuff impacts your life.  I will work to understand how your personal history, your beliefs, and your values play a role in your current situation.  We will enlist your strengths and acknowledge and respect your limitations. 

I will support you with methods based in mindfulness, practical and solutions-focused strategies, and cognitive behavioral techniques.  I never force any kind of agenda on you.  I will meet you wherever you are in your process, with care and compassion.

Together we can develop a better and more effective relationship with your trash and your treasures.