I offer in-home counseling within the city of San Francisco. Clients tell me they appreciate the convenience.  Working with a therapist in your home can also be a particularly enriching experience.  For some, in-home therapy can help to build the client/therapist relationship faster than office or online visits.  


In-home counseling is often especially attractive to folks who have challenges getting out of the house—including physical mobility,  psychological and emotional barriers. 

I ask to see a client in my office first so we can discuss the in-home therapy option*.  Please let me know, at any time, if you want to discuss some of the benefit and drawbacks, and general differences, of in-home versus in-office therapy.  We can assess together if it seems like a good fit.  

Please note: Due to travel time, in-home therapy appointments are limited.   

*Exceptions may include when clients are homebound due to illness, disability, or injury, former clients, and at my discretion.