Therapy with me is empowering, nonjudgemental, 
and evidence-based.

Together, we leverage what works.  My clients say I’m easy to talk to because I’m real with them.  I am not the kind of therapist who sits silently in my chair.  I am  engaged.  I listen and I reflect back.  I will ask questions and offer interpretations.              

                                                  Not me.  

                                                  Not me.  

I work with you to identify limiting beliefs and offer “reframes” for habitual thinking patterns.  Sometimes I will challenge your thoughts if I think they are harming you.  That said,  you are the expert on your life.  I get to know you so I can offer support where you want it.  

Warning! A splash of Therapy Jargon:  I was trained in what's called a psychodynamic approach but my work is highly integrative.  My work with clients draws on Acceptance Commitment (ACT), Person-Centered, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT), as well as Harm Reduction, Mindfulness-based work, feminist, and multicultural frameworks.   The reality is: no one approach works best for all people or all problems.  The most important element to effective therapy  is a good client/therapist relationship. 

So, I get to know you first, and then we co-create your treatment based on your your challenges, your goals, and your style.   

In counseling, I help you clarify what matters to you.   Of course, if you are in the throws of depression or grief, it may feel like nothing matters; This makes sense.  But, if you see there's a problem, it's often because you want to see something else.   My observations and questions in session are aimed at increasing your trust in your inner authority and your power to make positive changes.  

I listen deeply.  There is truth in the idea that you need to “feel it to heal it.”  In our sessions, I make space for whatever you're are feeling.  Therapy is your time and I invite you to bring your whole happy, sobbing, ambivalent, or exhausted self to the table.   

I am nonjudgmental.  I will think critically about how to best serve you, and how to tackle your problems, but I won’t think critically of you. For example:

  • Smoking more pot than you would like to each day?  I won’t shame you or blame you.  I will work with you to identify what changes you really want to make.  Perhaps it's best we explore why you're going "one toke over the line" in the first place.  I use my clinical judgement to guide our work,  but I collaborate and get buy-in from you at every step.  
  • Still avoiding doing something important that  you really 'should' do?  We’ve all been there! As one of my crass but credible mentors said, "We should on ourselves a lot these days."  With compassion and skill, I help you take a look at your "shoulds," and explore what you want.  

If you're in an avoidance-loop, we work to better understand your avoidance-patterns.  Avoidance works, it's functional, but how's it working for you?  How has it worked in the past? I will offer strategies to tackle (or perhaps just make more peace) with your anxiety and procrastination.  

One of my goals is to help you develop greater psychological flexibility.  Psychological flexibility allows you to have meaningful experiences even in the midst of conflict, difficult feelings, pain and loss. Clients tell me that our work together helps them feel more in charge of their own minds. 

I know that showing up to therapy takes courage.  I respect my clients for doing it!  I work hard to support them and inspire positive change.  

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