Finding Common Ground: Intergenerational Programs Connect LGBT Elders, Youth by Fairley Parson, MSW

First published in Aging Today, the bimonthly newspaper of the American Society on Aging,
ISSN: 1043-1284 May-June 2014, volume xxxv number 3. 

Lori, a 69-year-old self-described “old butch dyke,” sits in the community room at Openhouse, a San Francisco lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) senior social service organization. She speaks of her participation in an LGBT intergenerational program, and laments her lack of lesbian visibility.
“I joined the program because I could walk into a lesbian bar with my short haircut, and pink triangle tattoo, waving a rainbow flag, and the women there would ask me if I was lost or looking for my granddaughter. They don’t see me,” she said.

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